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Gentle Healing to the Core

For Holistic Minded People who want to Enhance their Ability to Heal

D  E  B  O  R  A  H    A    M  I  L  L  E  R,    O  T

Welcome to 


CranioSacral / Fascial Therapy, 

Lymphatic Drainage, Microcurrent Frequencies..

Deborah A. Miller, OT

Your deep tissue is also called fascia or connective tissue. It is very strong and is the glue that holds your body together. It is a three dimensional web that covers everything inside you, i.e., muscles, bones, organs, arteries, spinal cord, etc.  It holds natural powers for healing, if you know how to tap into it.

Deb gave me my life back! I would be on full disability now if it wasn't for her."

Terry LaJoie

The Tissue Whisperer

Reasons to seek out this therapy

You’ve been told you need surgery for your bunions, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, prolapsed bladder or uterus.

  • You don’t want to take time off

  • You don’t have someone to help

  • You don’t want to tolerate a painful recovery

You’re looking for pain relief but don’t see results

  • Tired of drugs and their side effects

  • Doctor visits are inconvenient and unproductive

  • Physical therapy and chiropractor are straining your body

You want to get yourself back

  • Listening to your body, when your doctors don’t

  • Find your old self and connect to the new you

  • Blossom in ways you thought you couldn’t


CST - Craniosacral therapy, ZB - zero balancing, Tong  Ren, LDT - lymphatic drainage therapy,    MFR - myofascial release, VM - visceral manipulation. Also ergonomic assessments, body mechanics training, postural training, exercise, and SER - somato emotional release. HMR - holographic memory resolution, health coaching,  microcurrent devices to assess and treat.

More about what I do >>

Here's a list of some of the diagnoses that I have helped:

Auto Accident Injury/ Whiplash/ Brain Fog

Chronic Pain/ Frozen Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff 

RSD / Fibromyalgia/ MS/ Lupus

Lyme's Disease/ Seizures/ Epilepsy

Stroke (CVA)/ Neurological Disorders

Back/Neck Pain or Injury/Sciatic Pain

Falls/ Concussions/ Tinnitus/ Vertigo

Prolapsed Bladder or Uterus/ Ear Infections

Sprains/ Strains/ Fractures/ Post-Surgical Scars

Headaches/Migraines/ Facial, Eye or Ear Pain

Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot Pain or Injury/ Meniscus Tears/ Plantar Fasciitis/ Morton's Neuroma/ Bunion

Shouler/Elbow/Wrist/Hand Pain or Injury

TMJ/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/ Trigger Finger

Tennis/Golfer's Elbow/ Bursitis

Scoliosis/ Lordosis/ Dowager's Hump /Stenosis

Infant Issues: Crawling, Reaching, Holding, Grasping, Latching, etc.

and still more types of issues....


About Me

I have been a holistic occupational therapist for over 25 years and have developed strong intuitive skills along the way. My focus has been on using gentle deep tissue alignment (fascial work) for pain relief using craniosacral therapy along with a blend of other techniques that I customize to meet your individual needs and patterns.

More about me>>

Contact Me :)

Please feel free to contact me for a free telephone consultation or to set up an appointment. Please call 716-200-0686 or text 603-721-1810 or email me at info@tissuewhisperer. com.


Office location:

               132 Louvaine Drive

               Buffalo, NY 14223

               [side entrance]

               Ken Ton area, Tonawanda



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