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Gentle Healing to the Core

For Holistic Minded People who want to Enhance their Ability to Heal

D  E  B  O  R  A  H    A    M  I  L  L  E  R,    O  T

Deborah A. Miller MS OT

Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC. I graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and afterwards realized my passion for alternative healthcare. After speaking to the head of the Occupational Therapy masters program at Columbia University - College of Physicians and Surgeons, she informed me that I could create my vision with an occupational therapy degree. At the time, I was unsure of how to express my passion for alternative healthcare into a career, until I took a continuing education course in myofascial release. The instructor advised those attending to look into craniosacral therapy at the Upledger Institute, if we wanted to further pursue what we learned with her.  I proceeded to take many courses and also founded a company called Total Body Therapy in the state of New Hampshire that helped other therapists learn this work and provide physical and occupational therapy to the public. I sold the practice after 14 years and have been a solo practitioner since.  It has overall been a 25 year exploration into this world of deep tissue. Although I have taken a number of classes over the years, I truly learned to develop the intuitive skills that have been gifted to me. It has been wonderful to connect with the people who have come to see me over the years and look deeply into the pathways that they have needed to address in order to return to wellness.

  There are many conditions that I have addressed with wonderful results, such as injuries to tissues from falls, auto accidents or other forms of impact, frozen shoulder, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, Tennis / Golfer's elbow, headaches / migraines, back / neck pain, fibromyalgia, Lyme's disease and chronic pain in general.    

    It's funny how so many people believe that if their injury is old that it wouldn't be affecting them today. I always like to ask if they have changed out their bodies somewhere along the way :)  The trick is to follow the fascial pathways, listening closely along the way and help it to unravel the needed but hopefully temporary pathways and help to support its change to a more optimal pathway. 

Letters of Recommendation


  It is without hesitation and with great pleasure I am writing to recommend Deborah Miller. I started out as a patient of hers more than two years ago, but we quickly became close friends.

Deb began with me and very soon after was treating my whole family. I was expecting a hip replacement in fall of 2018 but it got re-scheduled to this April. During this time, my body has become progressively weaker and I have an almost unbearable amount of pain. Not even six months of physical therapy helped to relieve my pain and increase my strength like Deb can in one or two sessions.

     Deb was especially good with my young daughter and my son, who has autism. My daughter Kat, who has no diagnosed condition, suffers from physical weakness, chronic fatigue, and balance (vestibular) issues; not to mention the regular childhood injuries, for example, from jumping in a pile of leaves and landing the wrong way. No one has ever been able to help her as much as Deb. Just by laying her hands on Kat, Deb could tell where her pain was. This is an invaluable skill in treating children, especially those who are neurologically atypical or too young to verbalize accurately their physical complaints. Deb is a kind, friendly person with a positive attitude and with her skill set, she can quickly identify issues and resolve them.           

Susan Powers

     Deborah Miller is a gifted healer. This I know first hand. I met her through a friend whom she had helped recover from a car accident. Little did I know how much I would need six months later.

     Walking in the woods, I tripped and hurt my hip so much, I barely made it home. The next day, I could hardly walk – I called Deb. She brought me to her office right away and immediately gave me relief from the excruciating pain. It took a few sessions, but I was healed.

She asked if I had pain anywhere else. I admitted I have had neck pain for over 15 years. No one had been able to help me, not even a chiropractor. But she did.

     I’ve been seeing to her ever since, mostly once a week to keep me pain free and reverse the damage done by an injury at birth. Absolutely amazing.

     She is a gifted healer, a lovely person and she has become a dear friend. I miss her since she has moved to NY. No more weekly visits, but she has aligned my body so well, even without her loving touch, I am pain free most days. That is the lasting healing power of Deb Miller.

     Over the years, I have sent at least 15 people to her for treatment. All are grateful I made the introduction. I am pleased to recommend her services. She is truly a gift.

Debby Hoffman Adair

     I have known Deborah for 10 years. She is a caring, nurturing person who follows her advice on wellness, as we met in yoga class. At that time I was looking for a solution to a chronic pain issue I was having. Deborah used many techniques on me always finding the best result. I found her to be a highly educated, intuitive therapist. I have been out of pain since.

Robin Stevens

Deborah A. Miller MS OT

Twenty-five years of experience and intuitive insight developed.  I can help you clarify the complexities that are you.

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